Bluewater Adventures Virtual Reality / 360 Video Experience

Take a Virtual Reality / 360 Video Experience into Haida Gwaii with Bluewater Adventures! From Tanu to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of SGang Gwaay journey with the sailing vessel Island Solitude and guests as they explore the rich and remote coastline of Haida Gwaii. Use your computer mouse, mobile phone, or VR headset to choose where to look during this 360 video experience.

Chris Wheeler Media (CWM) produced this immersive Virtual Reality / 360 Video Experience for Bluewater Adventures. This unique and engaging way of storytelling is just one of the services CWM provides. To view 360 video properly use Chrome browser or when using mobile open in YouTube app with link

CWM also produced a feature video of the SV Island Solitude in Hadia Gwaii that can be seen here



Date: To be launched Spring 2019

Client: Bluewater Adventures

Credits: Chris Wheeler: Producer, Director of VR / 360 Video, Host, Editor