For the first time, Tough Mudder comes to rough up Canada using the challenging terrain of Whistler, BC! It is a mental, physical, and emotional challenge as Mudders push on through this Whistler course. Created by British Special Forces, it is said that it is probably the toughest event on the planet! This 48 Hour Traveller Trip Clip shows you the Whistler course through the eyes of the legendary team Muck Norris!

Overall, this course was a 17km battle that 15,000 participates took part in and probably the hardest obstacles were the icy water ones such as the Arctic Enema and the Glacier Lake Hill (both seen in this video). Make sure to keep running right after these deadly freezing barriers so that your body doesn’t shut down. Other honorable mentions of obstacles you need to overcome before you finish would be the Everest half-pipe and Electricshock Therapy where you sprint through hanging live wires zapping you with as much as 10,000 volts of electricity.

The valuable lesson our team learned while conquering this course was that no fellow Mudder is left behind and that everyone finishes together. Besides, an victory beer tastes much better when celebrated with comrades.

Tough Mudder Glacier Lake Whistler

Muck Norris Team effort at the Glacier Lake Hill obstacle in Whistlernotice the body carnage in background

Tough Mudder: Muck Norris

Team Muck Norris victory brew after conquering Tough Mudder Whistler! It tastes so good when it hits your lips!

Trip Tip: Make a Whistler weekend out of it and book a place well ahead of time and try to get one of the early time slots in the event on the Saturday so that you can have the rest of the weekend to party it up.

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