Chris Wheeler Media was invited to speak at Tourism Wells Gray AGM last week to share knowledge about building your social media community and using video within it. Tourism Wells Gray is an example of a Destination Marketing Organization that has recently encompassed the power of social media to share their product. They are updating their website, building on their Facebook page, tweeting updates, posting Flickr pictures, uploading YouTube videos, and recently have added QR codes to their marketing material. This is largely due because of Heather Steere the Tourism & Marketing Manager at Wells Gray who is doing a great job at building awareness about the area (and with a very small team!).

Wells Gray Park Social Media

Picture during a Wells Gray plane tour video shoot

Chris Wheeler Media enjoyed sharing insight on campaigns, strategies, and video tips with tour operators and businesses in Wells Gray Park and the community of Clearwater, BC. Last September we built Tourism Wells Gray YouTube channel and produced 3 short videos to show off the unbelievable beauty and loads of activities in the area. These videos will play a significant part for Wells Gray during upcoming spring and summer campaigns as people start planning their summer trips. According to research, you are 53 times more likely to appear on page 1 of Google’s search results if you have video incorporated into your online marketing efforts (source article). There is no doubt that video content can be the most engaging media on the web and when used right is a perfect way to highlight an area, create buzz, and engage in conversations on social media networks.

Chris Wheeler Media is noticing an increased appreciation from clients that see the added value of building a relationship with a video company that focuses on producing content for social media campaigns, as we are (in the tourism and travel field) already tapped into a social media community (see my field reporting YouTube page). So you are not just getting a video, you are getting a video from a company you have a relationship with that can promote you with their own social network… and this value added piece is for free as we really are just passionate about what we do and who we work with.

Look for Wells Gray to increase their future online presence and build a community that is passionate about this beautiful Provincial Park! Check out their website at: