Hit 5 Gs in a bobsleigh at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta! This 48 Hour Traveller Trip Clip shows you why they say the experience is “60 seconds you will talk about for the rest of your life”. Piloted by a professional driver, you’ll twist down 14 turns, pulling up to 5 Gs and hit a maximum speed of 120 km/h on a course that develops Olympic champions. So hang on and enjoy the ride!

48 Hour Traveller

48 Hour Traveller shares with you places and adventures that you can hit over a weekend. Full video episodes are action packed with a 48 hour breakdown of activities and our “Trip Clips” give you a taste of an experience… all in a few minutes!

48 Hour Traveller will be filming full episodes in 2011/ 2012. Until then, check out our 48 Hour “Trip Clips” posted along the way!

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