The Tourism Jasper, Brewster, & Via Rail event at Rendez-vous Canada in Winnipeg (click here to see earlier post about event) was a success! Packed house, great people, food and wine. You even got to chill out with local Jasperite characters mingling in a crowd of people from everywhere excited to hear more about Jasper. I produced the video for this event that showcases Jasper and by the end people were singing “Give me Jasper, Give me Jasper” and swaying their hands back and forth. The song “Give Me Jasper” was written and sang by the talented Jessica Heine. I must admit, you can’t help but feel attached to the authentic mountain community of Jasper and a deep craving to go back there again and again. The Jasper experience has been around for over 100 years, the only difference is that now they are telling people about it! You’ll be hearing about the “My Jasper Story” a lot more over the summer.

Local Jasperite Rico sharing about "My Jasper"

"Give Me Jasper" video playing to a packed house at Rendez-vous Canada event