Harrison Lake Heli-Skiing

Welcome to British Columbia’s newest Heli-Ski adventure! Harrison Lake Heli-Skiing is the brainchild of owner, Nicolas Drader and was created to fulfill the need for winter helicopter adventures in the Coast Mountains. With the help of a local ski guide, Paul Berntsen, a plan was hatched to scout and identify ski terrain in the Harrison Lake region. Chris Wheeler Media (CWM) joined the team to film, document, and produce videos of this exploratory heli-ski operation. CWM also did photography that is used on the main website and social media channels. The above video is just a teaser of the Harrison Lake Heli-Skiing experience!

CWM feels lucky to work with Harrison Lake Heli-Skiing and be part of this exploratory operation. There are over 50 named runs and with 125,000 hectares of ski terrain there are hundreds more that have never been skied. Pioneer new ski areas and see more at the website harrisonlakeheliskiing.com 

Date: Winter 2018

Client: Harrison Lake Heli-Skiing

Credits: Chris Wheeler: Producer, Videographer, Photographer, Aerial Videography, Editor.      Nicolas Drader: Drone Videographer / Photographer